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Online Shop / eCommerce

You have a shop and want to take it to the next level? You would like to start an online business?

An online shop has to be built on a structure you can rely on, all the necessary features to promote your products and make the user want to see more, buy an other item. You want to easily add new products, check your stock, calculate the shipping fees... You have to feel safe and know that your digital product will not be transfered elsewhere.

Your online shop does not need to be too fancy to succeed, it needs to be tailored for you and your products. Based on your expectations, I will deliver for you:

  • Standard templated online shop solution with basic elements, mimimal configuration.
  • Advanced features and fully cuztomised online shop, built to go futher.
  • Or anywhere in between!

What should it be built with?

  • Automated shipment fees.
  • Secure payment.
  • Sales or special offers.
  • Defined access level for your employees.
  • Analytics to see which products attrack more attention.
  • ... name it!

All packages include:

  • Mobile friendly eCommerce website.
  • 2 year domain name registration.
  • At least 5 email accounts.
  • Nothing less than 250MB for your shop & your emails.

I will give you a 2 hours training so you can work with your online shop & provide you with a full writen documentation.

And after that? I won't be too far away if you need me!