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My Portfolio

You can find here a few projects I have been working on. Reading more will reveal a full list of each project feature.
I have built those website structures, I am not in charge of their content nor the full use of their features.

Considine & Johnston old interface
Considine & Johnston new interface

Considine & Johnston builders is a local business based in Leongatha. There website is old fashioned built with basic HTML.We decided to start fresh from scratch to provide their customer a new feel visiting their website. The final project is still under development.

D2D Online

New retailer for new technologies, consumer electronics, photographic equiment and most of all Gadgets & Accsessories. This is my, so far, biggest project, building a fully fonctional & optemized online shop with more that a 1000 products! I created this website fully based on the compmany expectetions and desires, tweaked it to make its employes and users life as easy as possible for creating products, maganing orders and share offers on social network. front page

Kuta King is a tattoo studio in Bali, Indonesia. The studio has a Facebook page but wanted to go further and promote itself not only through social networks.
I created that website so they can display their work, user can rate their favourite tattoos. Future customers can contact them easily through the contact form, even attach an image of what they want to get tattooed. Kuta King studio is located in a small street, the maps helps everybody to find them on the map. home page

PunkRockRadio is an online radio known as a reference. They have been on the air since 2006, they have at least 8 shows on air, stream 24/7. They go to concerts to get pictures and interviews for their "listeners", they do album pre-release reviews... They are bloody active and needed a proper website to show off! homepage

PunkRockRadio Records is a music label therefore more of an eCommerce oriented website but not only. They want to give the user the same experience as if he was in a music shop: he can listen to the music before he buys it or even watch some of the latest music videos. The customer can learn about the artist by reading artist dedicated pages and find links to his personal website or Facebook page. offers as well a news section to keep its visitors up to date with what is happening!