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About me

My name is Morgan and I am from France. I like to think that I'm a traveller and my new favourite place is Australia. I have spent the last year on Australia's highways, discovering wonderful landscapes & meeting great fellows. After university, I travelled to Spain for an additional year of studying and ended up staying in Barcelona for 7 years. I worked mainly in IT Support in a very international company. I also took advantage of Barcelona's melting pot to meet people from every corner of the world and go travelling with them. I have spent a year volunteering in a sailing school on an island of Brittany, France and finally arrived in Perth in January 2014.

Web development was my major at university, I started with creating a website for the skateboard association I was part of and went on building more for family & friends. I can say that it has always been a hobby. Now I want to go further and make it my main occupation.



  • Web developer
  • Communication
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Project managment


  • Set priorities
  • Goal achiever
  • Open minded
  • Team player


  • English - Fluent
  • French - Mother tongue
  • Spanish - Fluent
  • Italian - Basic